We love to work on Music Videos for artists we admire as well as songs we feel are important. Check out our upcoming videos as well as some past ones and shorts.


Kim Lenz & her Jaguars
Zombie For Your Love

Riley Records
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Morgan: I've been friends with Kim for a long time and it was dream come true to be able to work with her. It was so unselfish of MJ to die 4 days before we shot so that more people would see our video. He's like Jesus that guy in the way he died for my sins;-)


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Blackheart Records
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Morgan: Wow. What an honor it was to be given the opportunity to work with Joan on such an amazing song. On top of that to get to work with John Doe and Duane Peters was unimaginable. I would name all the amazing people that made this happen but it would take to long. If you feel a little misty watching it; that's how I feel when I think about
the crew on this project. You can read more trivia on our blog


Asylum Street Spankers
Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your S.U.V.

Spanks-A-Lot Records
Morgan: I loved this song and contacted the band about making a video for it. I believe it is solely responsible for the Midterm '06 election results;-) The spankers were also the first band to ever play the Shim Sham Club
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Throw Rag
She Don't Want To(She Don't Care)

BYO Records
Morgan: Pnut and I literally found out about this video three days before we shot it. We were supposed to be directing "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down" but the director of this song flaked out so Patrick (Throw Rag) called to ask if I could come up with something fast. We shot at Alex's Bar in Long Beach which was awesome(And free; Thanks Alex!).
The old people were so fun to work with as well as Throw Rag. After the video was shot Craig (washboard player) left the band to spend more time at home. The label wanted to cut him out of the video as much as possible. I refused and the label never released the video which is why this is the "Director's Cut"

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No on H8

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Heinz Commercial
Morgan: Pnut and I had to pass on a music video last week because of "artistic differences"(haha). We had some free time on our hands and decided to enter the "Top this T.V. Challenge" Semifinalists will be announced August 27th. It was a really fun shoot and the crew consisted of just me and pnut. I'm sure she'll tell you more about the fam...
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Early Years Gone Wild! - 2005
Morgan: I made the mistake of volunteering to make my daughter's pre-school fundraiser video. It was a huge amount of work but well worth it. The only requirements they gave me was that every kid be in it, over 100 kids! I came up with the idea to do a tribute to one of my favorite T.V. shows called "Fishing With John". I was so excited when we actually got the voice of FWJ to do the voice over! His name is Robb Webb and I can't wait to work with him again so I can actually pay him next time:)
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The Red Coat - 1995
Morgan: Staci Keanan (My Two Dads) actually flew out to New York to help me with this final project when I was in NYU film school. The play was written by John Patrick Shanley. I knew Staci from acting class in L.A. and she couldn't of been a better friend for doing it. I need to take a look at this and add the music before I put it up here. I haven't looked at it for 11 years and if it really sucks I might re-think putting it up here. "Flip-Flop"
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Drag Queen Traffic Cop - 1995
Morgan: I didn't direct this one. A guy in my film class did named Greg although I forgot his last name. If you see this Greg; e-mail me. I'd love to see how you're doing:) Anyways; I did act in it and, if I remember correctly, It was my first experience mixing vicodin with wine:) Enjoy!
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Skooled - 1994
Morgan: Staci starred in this one with me as well as Phil Buckman & Jason Wiles who I would use in Matters. Other people were my friend Twist (In Living Color), Natalia Cigliuti (Saved By the Bell) and Barry Miller who was one of my favorite actors growing up. His performance in Fame was one of the reasons I wanted to become an actor.
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