Morgan Higby Night
i'm not a big fan of writing about myself so I'll do my best. feel free to shoot me an e-mail if I've forgotten anything important:)

both my parents were junkies and died when i was young so i grew up with my aunt and uncle in northern california and oregon. i was a big trouble maker, got kicked out of a day school, then a couple boarding schools until i finally moved out on my own at 17 and into a trailer park.
kept getting into trouble, only this time with the law until i finally figured out this little thing i like to call karma at 21.
moved to los angeles to become a movie star. studied with aaron speiser and then howard fine while i interned at a talent agency to learn how the business worked.
did extra work on days of our lives to make money.
realized that the business of acting really sucked. the auditions, headshots, schmoozing and all that crap just weren't for me.
dj'd to make money.
took some money i had set aside and invested it in a film by my first acting coach; aaron speiser. i used this opportunity to learn all i could about the way a film works and what the jobs are from the p.a. to the producer to the key grip to the foley.
Talking About Sex starred kim wayans and also featured now dallas maverick owner and producer mark cuban.
dj'd to make money.
wrote and directed my first short film entitled skooled with some friends from acting class. it also starred one of my favorite actors from when i was a kid named barry miller.
went to the sight and sound program at NYU. directed a short film of John Patrick Shanley's The Red Coat as my final project. It starred myself and Staci Keanan.
also starred in Drag Queen Traffic Cop for a friend at school.
dj'd to make money.
wrote my first feature called matters of consequence.
dj'd to make money.
directed matters of consequence on a minuscule budget of $120,000. it was produced by myself and tracy falco. it starred myself, meredith salenger (who i had a crush on as a kid), jason wiles, paul francis, morty coyle, devon odessa, peter dante, phil buckman and robin antin from a little known burlesque troupe called The Pussycat Dolls.
bartended and dj'd at the burgundy room to make money.
finished editing matters of consequence. won the movie maker magazine break though award which was nice of them. part of the prize was that i got to write an article for the magazine.
had my own radio show on KBLT pirate radio in Silverlake called "2 Martini Breakfast; The Show for the Aspiring Alcoholic". How it worked was this: It was on from 8-10 in the morning. I would have my favorite bartenders or musicians on the show from around hollywood and they would make their favorite drink on the air. like a cooking show; sort of... then we would drink a lot of these drinks and play music. it got fairly incomprehensible by 10. you can read more about the show and the station in the book 40 Watts from Nowhere.
executive produced and released the soundtrack to matters of consequence which had all original music from the iMPOSTERS.
dj'd to make money.
in november i moved to new orleans to open a nightclub in the french quarter. i opened it with two friends with the plan to move back to l.a. in a few months and work on my second feature.
january - matters of consequence comes out as a midnight movie at the Sunset 5 to pretty good reviews.
february - shim sham club lobby opens opens quietly.
march - first show in the theater with The Asylum Street Spankers. there is no sound system yet so this works out perfect since the band was all acoustic.
april - shim sham club officially opens with Sam Butera. It is also the first night of my own burlesque troupe called The Shim Shamettes.
june - other two partners drop out so I'm stuck with the club myself.
changed my last name to Night. my girlfriend at the time and i were expecting a child and we wanted us all to have the same last name.
daughter named lydia was born on friday october 13th. it was also a full moon:)
Shim Sham Club becomes not only popular with locals but famous worldwide. A few of the bands that played there include The Cramps, X, Afghan Whigs, White Stripes, The Hives, Breeders, Flogging Molly, The Donnas, and the Misfits. Adam Duritz performed a "secret show" every jazz fest. sometimes with his band. sometimes with just his friend dave.
The burlesque show became a huge hit and was featured in a slew of national publications including Time and the Wall St. Journal.
1984 changed dance clubs in New Orleans forever. It was sold out every week and is still being copied in town to this day. So is Punk Rock/Heavy Metal Karaoke which featured a live band. So is the burlesque show.
Don't get me wrong. I ripped off the nights myself from out of town:
• Cherry in L.A. became 1984.
• Make-up in L.A. became Glitter Glam Rock Night at the Shim Sham.
• Punk/Metal Karaoke came directly from Arlene's Grocery in N.Y.
• The burlesque movement started with The Pussycat Dolls and then The Velvet Hammer (although michelle carr would argue this fact) and then me. Actually it started with The Toledo Show since many of the early Pussycat Dolls were ex-Toledo dancers.
• I even ripped off booking from Fitzgerald's in Houston to see what cool bands were coming our way. That is until I hired the fantastic Deborah Toscano to do the booking.
We also did theater productions since the space was an old theater. Our most popular of these was a play from new york produced by myself and Running with Scissors. It was entitled, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and won best Musical and Best Actor for Flynn DeMarco at the Big Easy Awards.
Ronnie Magri puts out a record called Shim Sham Revue with recordings of the burlesque music we use in the show.
GQ magazine names the Shim Sham Club one of the top 10 bars in the world.
June 4th X plays the final live show at the Shim Sham
June 5th The legendary final night of the Shim Sham was 1984.
June 6 - 6am I close the door on the Shim Sham to move myself and my daughter back to L.A. After nearly 5 years at the club, it was a very difficult decision to close it at the height of it's popularity. i loved the employees and customers so much. the reasons were as follows: 1. the club had achieved all the artistic goals i had for it. 2. i wanted my daughter to grow up in a healthy environment with a good school system. 3. i missed film making.
enjoying being a stay at home dad.
started a dj night on thursdays at the bigfoot lodge called "Hee Haw Hell" i play 'ol timey country, punk rock, and a bunch of other stuff... yes it was before the show on XM radio and that's a little fishy if you ask me:/
make a short for my daughter's preschool fundraiser entitled, "Early Years Gone Wild". It's an tribute to one of my favorite T.V. Shows called "Fishing With John".
direct my first music video for the band Throw Rag. my good friend and old babysitter (for my daughter not me) Heather produces it for me. She does an awesome job.
become associate producer on John Cameron Mitchell's new film Shortbus.
write my second feature; a kids film about a little punk rock witch entitled "Punky Witchenstein"
start a dj night on Sundays at saints and sinners called "uncontrollable urge"
start another night at s&s called "bring your own fucking ipod night"
Shortbus does fantastic in the Cannes Film Festival and sets off a bidding war that Thinkfilm eventually wins.
direct my second music video. Heather produces again. It's for The Asylum Street Spankers and is a direct result of me wanting to do something important because, for the first time in my life, i was embarassed to be an american. it becomes a huge hit on the internet; especially youtube.
Shortbus opens October 4th.
October 30, 2006 - start new production company called Devil's Night
March 2007
"Stick Magnetic Ribbons" makes it's premiere at the Happy Hour Film Festival. It's also up to 600,000 hits on youtube.
Devil's Night makes our first official music video for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' song "Androgynous". Not only did we get to work with Joan; John Doe and Duane Peters make very special cameos!
Shortbus is released on DVD
oh yeah... i'm still djing to make money
You can read more about my life as a narcissist here...